5 Ways to Wear the Modern Hoodie

When cooler weather finally comes in, you get to see lots of people wearing a particular piece of clothing– the hoodie. They love to wear it as it matches people of all ages and can battle freezing temperatures. If you don’t specifically like the hoodies sold in stores, you don’t have to worry as there are ways to make your own hoodie as well.

Hoodies have been in the market ever since the early 1900s. Why have they lasted so long? Let’s find out.

The Use of Hoodie over the Years

hoodie For more than 80 years, the hoodie has been a central piece in fashion and utility. From a university souvenir and jock uniform to haute couture and streetwear fashion, the hoodie has become both a trend and staple. The diverse use of this type of clothing makes it a closet necessity. The best thing about it is that it can fall to whatever fashion spectrum you want it to be.

The hoodie was invented in the early 1920s-1930s. During the first decade of the 20th century, an experiment using textiles that are commonly used for undergarments was done by the American Clothing Manufacturers. These kinds of fabrics were used to create something that is later known as the hoodie. The first sweatshirt was claimed to be created by the Russell Athletics. He designed the sweatshirt for football players.

Around the 1970s, the world saw the transformation of the hoodie—from an innocent piece of clothing to an intricate cultural symbol. There was a time when wearing a hoodie would signify that the person is a deviant. Emerging street cultures, which include hip-hop, along with graffiti artists have transformed the hoodie into something that hides one’s identity. Delinquents would wear hoodies when “bombing” walls and buildings. Because of this, the clothing has been linked to illegal activities and is finally perceived as part of a deviant subculture.

The use of hoodie changes as time passes by though. Now, you can see hoodies with high-end designs and topping urban fashion trends. Up until now, the hoodie is still hanging on big and small clothing stores. Of course,  if you want to be different and make your own hoodie, you can do that as well.


The Hoodie in the Modern Times

Since a hoodie never goes out of style and is considered to be a very versatile kind of garment, you will not regret your decision to buy or make your own hoodie. Here are different ways you can wear it:

  1. Tuck into Skirts

Tucking a hoodie into skirts will balance out the bulk of the garment, driving the possibility of creating clearer A-line shapes. The combination of hoodie and a skirt gives various kinds of appearances, depending on the type of clothing. For instance, wearing a plain hoodie paired with stylish leather skirts can give off a sporty but chic kind of look. Meanwhile, pairing any kind of hoodie to a pencil-cut skirt will give work-appropriate attire and a professional look. How you tuck the hoodie entirely depends on you; you can either tuck it at the front or go for a cropped style look.

  1. make your own hoodieLayered with Blazers

Layering a hoodie under a blazer is one of the layering tips that every person who loves to go into fashion wants to learn. Wearing this combination will give you streetwise feel while still looking professional. Also, this combination is very cozy in the cold season.

  1. Pairing with tailored trousers

Combining a hoodie with any tailored trousers— either it is wide-leg trousers or a tapered one— allows you to make minimal commitment to mixing a smart and casual look. Choosing a neutral coloured hoodie and pairing it up with any pair of trousers will make you look stylish while being casual at the same time. This combination eliminates the perception that hoodie only belongs to the closet of teenagers.

  1. Over dresses

If you like wearing dresses even in colder seasons, then layering it up with a hoodie can keep you warm enough. Wearing a hoodie over a pretty and stylish dress will lighten up the defiant subculture perception of the garment. This combination gives off an edgier and cooler look, too.

  1. Go all-black

An all-black combination never goes out of style. Wearing a black hoodie over black pants gives off an edgy and casual look. Wearing motorcycle boots to match the combination will give you a tougher look.

Final Thoughts

A hoodie, when chosen well, can be a great match for another set of clothing. As the hoodie adapts to the modern changes in fashion, it’s one of the most versatile clothing in the market. It’s also a necessary addition to your wardrobe. Cozy and fashionable, you can wear it in any season. You just have to learn how to wear it the right way.