Patches As Promotional Items

There are different forms of advertising a product. Marketing can use all forms of acts to promote a product or a service. Part of promoting a product or a brand is by giving away promotional items.

Promotional items are just ordinary items we see daily but they have been marked with the name of a company, a brand or program that they represent. One of the commonly used promotional items are patches.

We often see clothing items, bags, caps and other items with a patch representing a company or brand.

Advertising companies often use a patch to promote a product for the following reasons.


When it comes to marketing, not everything has to be expensive. You should just be able to find something that is reasonable for its price yet is still able to positively promote your brand.

A patch is an effective tool of promoting a product yet it does not cost that much. A patch can be used in different items, which means that a company can other uses for them. You can place a bulk order for them and give them out as is or you can put them on something else before you give them out.


People will still appreciate getting a patch because they can still find a use for them. They can sew them on any item they want them on whereas you really cannot give out prints to people not unless you put them something else like a shirt.


Patches are attractive to look at and then can easily capture the attention of other people. It is for this reason that a patch is an effective promotional item.

The fact that a patch can easily grab the attention of people, this means that the more people see them the more chances of gaining additional clients.

They are very colorful and stylish which is why people are drawn to them. They are fashionable and people to use them because they can serve as an embellishment on different items.

Custom Patches

Easy to Use

The use of a patch is not complicated. Anyone can place a patch on an item by stitching, sewing it on, or using a glue gun to put it on an item.

In most cases though, patch is sewn to an item because it normally lasts long if it is done that way and it easy to remove if it has to be adjusted or transferred to another item. The use of other forms of adhesive to put it on an item, like using a glue gun, it makes it hard if not impossible to remove it. If ever it is removed successfully, they normally create huge damage on the item.

Therefore, the safest way of placing a patch is by sewing or stitching it on. It can either be sewn manually or using a machine.


Patches can last for a long time. Our patch is made from high quality materials and they could last for ages. Therefore, when you put it on something they will stay that way not unless you take them off.

This makes them perfect for advertisement because if you are promoting your brand, the items that use represent your brand. If you use cheap and poorly made promotional items, it might backfire on you.

By using poorly made promotional items, you might not get a good impression or review from people. Instead of you gaining advocates or supporters, you might end up acquiring detractors.

This will never happen though if you use a patch because it tends to endure constant and daily use and therefore it lasts longer.

Never go out of Style

Patches had been around for a very long time and we do not think that they are going anywhere else. People will always have a need for them. They will always be part of our daily lives.

A patch created a decade ago can still be used today. They are very versatile and fashionable.

People will still continue to use them for a very long time. We do not think that anything is changing soon.

Easy to Find

Patches are everywhere, you can find them in your local shops, or you can shop for them online. We have an online store and we get orders from clients from different places. This means that you do not even have to go out of your house to place an order for a patch.

The last thing that you want in marketing is to give away items that are difficult to source because that will be time consuming and probably even more expensive.


Custom embroidered patches provides a high-quality look without the high cost. Patches are all around, you can discover them in your nearby shops, or you can look for them on the web.